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A few weeks ago I received a private email from Mr. Money Mustache.  He runs one of my very favorite blogs.  Indeed, I have often thought that if I had had access to such wisdom at the start of my financial journey I’d have gotten far further far faster.

But, alas, when I started the internet was yet to be and computers filled buildings that took up entire city blocks. ILLIAC was one of the first and while at the University of Illinois I took a course that allowed access to it.  After watching it being programmed with laboriously prepared punch cards to perform simple calculations I remember walking out thinking:  “Clearly this is a technology without a future.”

One of the many reasons I’m not Bill Gates.


Anyway, in his email Mr. MM said several very kind things.  Of them all,

“skilled with swear words”

brought the biggest smile to my face.

After the butter, he proposed that I write a guest post and he gave me some guidelines.  Basically, he was looking for a geezer perspective. Since I have a tremendous amount of respect for what he does over there I agreed.

Oh, and access to his huge audience played a role.

The post is titled:

It has Never Been About Retirement

I hope you’ll check it out.  While you’re there, take some time to poke around MMM.  Great stuff, well worth reading.

I do.