“It’s Better in the Wind” or why I ride a motorcycle

Posted: November 13, 2011 in Life

As mentioned in my last post my travels to Ecuador served to shift my priorities to Susegar, that wonderful state of taking it easy. Of course, it also has meant that I’ve hardly posted here at all.

To my considerable amazement this short fall has generated concern and irritation on the part of some of my readers, and who knew I had any of those at all? But writing is hard work and besides I’ve had more important things to do.  Like riding my motorbike:

Blue & White Triumph Scrambler, just like mine except

mine is more beat up than this nice new one.

Amazingly, we still have some beautiful weather around here, but an increasing chill is in the air.  Winter closes in.  My dog insists on walks and my motorbike insists on rides.  Time is short and cold dark days are coming.  Plenty of time to write blog entries then. If you ride this all likely makes sense to you.  If not, well maybe this will help:


It’s Better in the Wind

Even if you don’t care about motorcycles, it’s 15 and a half minutes well spent for the sound track alone.

(I have it playing as I write)

This short film was created by a young guy named Scott Toepfer and as much as anything I’ve seen it captures the sheer joy of motorbiking.  Doesn’t hurt that a couple of the bikes in it are Triumph Scramblers like mine.  Scott and his pals have good taste.

Here’s a still from his website as further proof of good taste

Watching it I realize that my motorbike is also a time machine.  Every moment on it I am again twenty-something and full of beans.


One more cool short film with a very odd song for the road.   It might grow on you.  It did on me.


Here’s another I just found.  Wicked cool riding on a Scrambler just like mine:

“From Track to Dirt to Date”

Starts slow but worth the short wait.  Check out the dismount about 3/4 of the way in.

And another:


It’s a bit more mellow.

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  3. jlcollinsnh says:

    glad you enjoyed the ride, MR….

    ..how about a link to some of your films?

  4. M. Rempen says:

    This vid is great – it proves what Coppola was predicting ten years ago, that one day anyone can pick up a camera and make a movie about the things they love. Even if I’m not that into motorcycles, I can appreciate a filmmaker who knows their audience and pulls no punches to please them.

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